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20/03/2013 - New Caparison!

I recieved my new Caparison Dellinger II FX today.. It is quite simply the most amazing guitar I have ever played. Incredible craftsmanship, and it plays like silk. I can't praise this guitar enough, it is simply perfect. Some playthrough videos coming soon!

28/12/2012 - Site Overhaul

Will be spending a lot more time updating things here now, as I have neglected it for some time. Layout redone, with a few minor tweaks to come. I have also added a direct link on the right to my Bandhappy profile. So if you want lessons, head there and send me a message!

27/12/2012 - JAPAN!!

Also forgot to mention our upcoming Japan tour with legends ORIGIN and AEON. Excited! (Dates can be seen on the Music page, or any MPE website)

27/12/2012 - Content Update

Just updated a few things around the place. Some new things added to the Press section below, more to come. Happy holidays everyone! Have also added tour dates under the Music page.

31/08/2012 - Some Gear for sale

I have listed two guitars that I'm selling - head over to my facebook page here to see them. BOTH SOLD

31/08/2012 - Update

If you haven't seen our artwork for the new album "...and Death said live", you can check it out here. Made a few updates to the site today too, enjoy!

30/08/2012 - Album Complete / Endorsement Change

So I'm back in Finland now, The new Mors Principium Est album is finished, and in other news I will no longer be playing Ibanez guitars. I have just joined the team at Caparison, and couldn't be more excited about things to come.

21/10/2011 - Content Update

Most pages have basic content updated, will add more over the coming weeks. Contact form still playing up. New tracks in the works!

17/10/2011 - New Site Online

New site under construction - after taking down eatthebrains.com some time ago, I have finally started working on a new site. Updates to come on the other pages.


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